How To Pick The Right Bedroom Door For You

Changing the doors in your home is one of the items that will have the largest impact on the appearance of your home. Many will start with changing the bedroom door. It is important to consider a variety of factors when selecting a new bedroom door. Appearance of the door you select should be top priority. You want the door to match the decor of the bedroom and room surrounding the bedroom as well as looking visually appealing. Other important considerations that should be made when purchasing are the price, installation difficulties and any special features.

When selecting a bedroom door there are many styles to think about. Most doors in the bedroom swing on hinges or slide on tracks. If you are looking for doors that offer lots of variety and easy installation you should consider a swinging or sliding door. The disadvantage to sliding doors are they are more difficult to install and have a limited selection when it comes to designs.

The next step in selecting a door is deciding if you need a regular or a pre-hung door and frame unit. If you are reusing an existing frame all you will need to purchase is a door. A home improvement beginner should use a pre hung door when replace a door and a frame. These are simple to install with a slight risk of mistakes for a person who has never installed a door.

Take measurements of the door to know exactly what size door you will need to purchase. If you are only buying the door and using the existing frame the measurement should be ⅛ inch smaller than the frame. This is the measurement for both the height and the width. Follow the same rule when measuring for a pre hung unit.

Which way the door swings open is something else to consider. The door should swing up so that it moves towards the wall. Remember to consider the windows and furniture that may end up being in the way also. Choose a left hand door if the door opens to the left and a right hand door is the door opens to the right.

Choosing the material for your door is next. Generally bedroom doors are constructed from wood although fiberglass and steel are available also. If you are looking for affordability the decision that is the smartest is wood. You will want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of buying a hollow core unit or one that is constructed of solid wood. The solid wood doors are much more expensive but can help block sound and has a heavier feel.

Designs for the bedroom can vary also. They are available with smooth or paneled faces. When choosing a paneled door there will be another decision of selecting the panel design that fits best in your home.

Last but not least is the decision of selecting a finish. Woods doors can be stained or painted to your preference and are available in many different veneers. These can be chosen with a grain pattern and natural coloring. You will need to make a decision on what shade of stain. Steel and fiberglass require little decision making. Most of the time these will come pre-finished with the color selections of the manufacturer.