Interior Closet Doors Ideas

When it comes to selecting interior doors, and more specifically closet doors, you basically have two options: sliding or swing open. The decision on which to choose most typically comes down to space, and the look and feel that you are going for, as there are several different types of sliders or swing open doors you can choose from.

mirrored closet doors

When space is a large factor, sliding doors usually work best because the closet doors are not intruding further into the room, but the issue is that you only have access to half of your closet, which some people do not like.

If the room allows, swing open are great because you have full acceess and can function similar to a reach-in closet.

When choosing wardrobe doors, mirroed doors are great beacuse the mirrors help make the room look larger and you can use it to dress. These are a very popular selection at Interior Door and Closet Company because they add life to the room as well. The size of your area, whether it be a bedroom, hallway, garage, or other area of the house, also always plays a factor in what is even an option to choose.

What are your favorite options? Or have you chosen for your house?

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