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All Painting is Performed in Our Facilities Paint Booths

After precision cutting, mortising and boring of your new doors, we perform the finishing touches by hand. This includes face sanding, side sanding and edge beveling of the newly cut interior doors and closet doors.

The doors are then hung on our paint racks and rolled into our paint booth where we spray the doors with 2 - 3 layers of primer, depending on the door.

They are once again removed from the paint booth for a final hand sanding to get to the finished painting stage. This ensures any imperfections are smoothed before we apply the final two coats of paint. Once this is done, we spray several layers of paint for a  beautiful finish.

The paint we use has virtually no smell and is extremely resilient to scratches and dents. In comparison, it is four times harder than the traditionally chosen latex or enamel paint used by other companies.

We carry the four most popular colors of Dunn Edwards white in a Semi-Gloss finish. These include White (-1), Whisper White, Swiss Coffee, and Cottage White. However, if you prefer a different paint color, we can do that too.

Our custom stain process is similar, yet involves an additional three steps. Since every grain within the wood is reveled and enhanced, the expertise of our craftsman is even more critical.

Our proprietary finishing process of sanding, priming and painting your doors prior to installation is by far the most labor intense part of our business; however, it is also what sets the Interior Door & Closet Company apart from all others companies in Orange County.

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