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Our 3 step process for Interior Door & Closet Installation

1. Free In-home Design Consultation

Your experience with the Interior Door and Closet Company starts with scheduling an in-home consultation anywhere in Orange County.  During this time our design expert will meet with you to discuss your needs and interests.  Whether you are looking for yourself, an interior designerreal estate agent, or contractor, we can help you out.  Our goal is to create a happy marriage between your individual stylistic desires and your functional needs and requirements.  We look at your homes natural architecture, your existing decor, the rooms lighting, and the overall theme of your interior.  We then focus on the functionality of these openings and organizers.  For example: How important is sound reduction between two rooms?  Would you like to enhance the natural light in your hallway?  Would you like to optimize your closets and eliminate the need for dressers in your rooms?  Is there wasted space in your children’s closets?  Would a walk in closet or reach in closet work best? What is this projects budget?  These are a few factors we take into consideration when helping you to select the appropriate doors and organizers.  Product choices include material, shape, paneling, paint color, stain finish, glass or mirror option, hardware style and finish, and accessories. Consultations last 30-60 minutes and upon conclusion we will provide you will and review your itemized estimate.  You can be placed on our schedule at this time.  Just contact us at 888-287-4211 to schedule this free in-home design consultation in both Orange County and Los Angeles.

2. In-home Removal and Off-site Production (Does not apply to organizers)

On Monday of your scheduled installation week, one of our experienced installation teams will arrive at your home at your scheduled time.  Our team leader will introduce himself, his two team members, and will then review your order with you.  During the next 30 minutes, the team leader will precision measure your doors and closet openings.  The other two team members will remove your existing doors and load them onto our truck.  Not only is the disposal of your old doors free, but we are proud to help the environment by either recycling or donating them to habitat for humanity.  The final step is to confirm the installation that will take place later in the week.

For the next day or two our employees are hard at work in our facility preparing your new doors for installation.  The process begins with precision cutting, mortising and boring of your new doors.  We then perform, by hand, the face sanding, side sanding and edge beveling of the newly cut doors.  The raw, smooth sanded sides are then primed in order to seal the open grain of the wood.  The doors are then hung on our proprietary paint racks and rolled into our paint booth where we re-prime the entire door.  They are once again removed from the paint booth for a final hand sanding.  This ensures any imperfections are smoothed before we apply the final two coats of paint.  The paint we use has no smell and is extremely resilient to scratches and dents.  In comparison, it is four times harder than the traditionally chosen latex paint. Our custom stain process is similar, yet involves an additional three steps.  Since every grain within the wood is reveled and enhanced, the expertise of our craftsman is even more critical.  (Our proprietary process of sanding, priming and painting your doors prior to installation is by far the most labor intense part of our business; however, it is also what sets us apart from all others.)

3. In-home Installation (applies to Interior DoorsCloset Doors and Closet Organizers)

On your scheduled installation day, our experienced team of installers will arrive at your home at the scheduled time.  Our team will carefully install your custom-fit and finish painted doors and closet organizers.  This also includes installing any new door knobs and door levers, along with any door and spring stops.  Our team will finish by wiping down your closet doors and closet organizers and vacuuming any mess.  Once we have thoroughly cleaned up, our team leader will show you your beautiful new doors and organizers and answer any questions.  He will then present you with a customer packet with the details of your order and final invoice.  Our team will wish you a good day as you begin to enjoy your newly transformed home!


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