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An Interior Door upgrade is the most cost effective way to transform the look of every room in your home in what is typically a 3-4 hour process!

Welcome to the Interior Door and Closet Company (IDCC), located in Huntington Beach, California. We provide service to all cities in Orange County, California. We have developed the most convenient and affordable door and closet systems to beautify, organize and add value to your most prized possession; your home.

As our name simply states, we improve the appearance and function of three vital areas of your home: your interior doorscloset door and the closet organizers within them. We have the unique ability to provide you with both expert design guidance and professional, convenient installation.

We are a family owned and operated company that’s been in business for over 8 years. Everyone you meet is either a family member or employee, and unlike some others, we don’t use sub-contractors. 

Interior Door and Closet Design Experts

Our design expertise starts with evaluating your individual taste and décor as well as your home’s architectural style. We then identify the functional needs and demands of your family. By assessing these two critical elements we are able to guide you in selecting the appropriate style, material, finish and accessories for your new doors, closet doors and organizers. At IDCC we pride ourselves in having courteous and professional craftsmen along with one of the most convenient and time efficient process in the industry.

All the labor such as intense cutting, sanding, priming and painting of your new doors is performed solely in our facility. Unlike other door replacement services, there is very little inconvenience to your family and absolutely no mess in your home. We simply measure and remove your old doors, then return within the same week to install your beautiful new finished doors. Because the work is completed at our facility, our typical door or organizer installation takes less than 4 hours in your home!

We Only Specialize

Specialization within our trade, our proprietary tools and processes and our large volume of work allow us to offer you prices that cannot be beat! IDCC also offers a range of products that can meet any budget; from our installed hollow-core doors to our custom closet doors that please the most affluent tastes. Our interior door and closet gallery contains many of today’s most popular designs, however the possibilities are endless. If you don’t see the closet or interior door you are looking for please contact us!

Closet Organizers

Check out our reach-in closet options for your closet organizers. Whether you are looking to better organize your shoes, work attire, everyday clothes, or a combination of everything, we can help design your reach-in closet to fit your all of your needs. For both walk-in closets and reach-in closets, we can get extremely creative which is a lot of fun for both us and you!

Walk-In Closet Organizers

Your walk-in closet really depends on the size of your closet and what you are looking for. We have a wide selection of walk-in closets depending on the space we have to work with, the type of wood, and the color scheme you are looking for.  Keep in mind that many components used in a walk-in organizer can also be used in a reach-in organizer and vice versa.

Premium Doors

Premium doors are prized for their unique beauty and exceptionally high quality. Because these doors are denser than a standard solid core door, they have even better sound deadening qualities. They also have a smoother surface than a standard door, and this naturally leads to a richer painted finish.

These beautiful doors are often chosen for their great variety of design options. Some of the options available are raised panel, raised molding, flat panel and a large variety of glass options. Another significant consideration is that there are hundreds of styles to choose from and they can be made to virtually any specifications. They are often chosen by home owners who are looking for a more distinctive and custom look. 

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