Different Interior Door Styles

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When researching and shopping for interior doors you will learn that there are many different door styles. This article will give you examples of many popular interior door styles.

One of the most popular styles of interior doors is the arts and crafts/craftsman style. These doors are constructed by hand. The attention for detail is intense and they are made of all natural materials. Craftsman doors will typically follow the same style. They all use simple lines, flat panels and of course quality craftsmanship. A common design of this style door is a three-panel design with a wide panel located above or below two or three vertical panels.

Some people prefer the Early American look. This look is known as the colonial look. These doors can have a grand look that is classic and elegant. They are constructed out of solid wood with an eight panel design and raised molding.

In today’s world the contemporary style is the modern look that is trying to be achieved. These doors are more trendy that include flush doors with stained wood and single glass panel designs. The doors will sometimes include geometric grills and hardware that is more simple than that of the craftsman style or Early American style.

There are simple doors that reflect the farmhouse era. Doors in this category are reflective of the Old World style. This style was adopted by some of the first European settlers that were on American farms. The feature on these doors that make them stand out from the others is the square or rectangular recessed panels that make the construction and design of this door basic and simple.

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A rustic style of a door varies. These doors are like snowflakes. No two doors are the same. The reason behind this is because the natural character of the wood. All wood has their own texture, knots, streaks and color combinations.

If none of these options suit your taste there is alway the traditional style. This is a common and popular style whose look reflects the classic sense of the American home. These doors are constructed or four or six panels and are pretty basic.

The last style of doors is a romantic theme that has a variety of options. This style is called a victorian style. These designs are very detailed and have characteristics such as arched or circular panel designs and raised moldings. With those traits it makes them very reminiscent of the Victorian time period and therefore that is where they get their name.