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Stain Grade Wood Doors

There is nothing quite as rich as the lush beauty of Stained Wood Doors. They are an ideal choice for their distinct, dramatic look. We can use them for interior doors or closet doors, just as we can with virtually all our doors.

The solid wood construction and stately design creates a quality, style and texture like no other. Unsurpassed in strength, beauty and design, the natural look of each door is as unique as the home it belongs to. Wood Doors for staining are available in Mahogany, Cherry, Oak, Alder, Maple, Fir and other types of wood.

The custom staining process further enhances the beauty of each particular species of wood. Home owners often choose a custom stain that matches their favorite piece of furniture or ties in with a treasured antique. 

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See these wood samples to give you an idea of which is right for you.