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Are you an Interior Designer in Orange County?  We offer Free In-Home Design Consultations for you and each of your clients.  Let's work together.


 What's an easier and more cost effective way to improve the look and feel of your home than with some interior doors and closets? Let's mix your Interior Designer skills with all of the beautiful products that we offer. From walk-in closets  and  garage organizers  to  premium wood doors  and  glass doors, we can offer whatever you and your client are looking for. We have a great track record with Interior Designers in Orange County  and pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships to benefit everybody involved.

You should call us today at 888-287-4211 so we can start throwing around ideas. Let's get as creative as you want to really improve your client's home. At Interior Door and Closet Company, we pride ourselves on quality, service, and happy customers, so why not call today?


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