De-cluttering Your Closet

by Susan K. Aumaier

January 20, 2016

Did you make a new year’s resolution to de-clutter and organize your home and life? With each new year comes a new opportunity to do so. Happily, even if you haven’t already done this, it’s not too late!


De-cluttering Guru, Marie Kondo and “De-cluttering Shock”

According to a recent Washington Post article by Anna Fifield, de-cluttering guru, Marie Kondo says you should start by dumping everything you own of a certain category — starting with clothes — onto the floor to force a de-cluttering “shock.” Then go through each item one-by-one, deciding whether it’s truly needed or “sparks joy” in you. Anything that doesn’t meet this criteria gets donated or thrown out. Then Kondo says you should organize it in the most space saving way.

De-cluttering Shock


Organization and Space Saving

Speaking of the most space saving way, now it’s time to take a good hard look at your closet. Storage can be a challenge. Is your closet designed and organized in the most space saving way possible for you? Using our 3D design software, our professional consultant works with you to create the perfect space to meet your unique needs, style and budget.


High Quality Products and Accessories

All of our closets are custom made using the highest-quality products. Our cabinets have a ¾” thermofused melamine finish, which resists scratches and stands up to heat, moisture, stains and dirt more effectively than other products. We also offer a full line of high quality closet accessories in a variety of finishes to keep your belongings clutter free and easily accessible, such as the shelf fences and sliding belt / jewelry / scarf racks shown below.

Shelf Fences and Interchangeable Sliding Belt Rack / Jewelry Rack / Scarf Rack


All cabinet doors come standard with soft close hinges, and all drawers are solid wood and come standard with soft close glides.

Solid Wood Drawer Boxes and Soft Close Drawer Glides


Closets come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your space is large or small, square or odd-shaped, walk-in or reach-in, from practical to sensational, you can count on us to create a closet for you that is both functional and beautiful.

Organization Complete!


To schedule your free, no obligation, in-home consultation, please give us a call at (888) 287-4211.

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Where to Find Mirror Closet Doors

If you are looking for a brand new look for your closet or wardrobe having mirrored closet doors installed is the change that should be accomplished.  When designed bedrooms are commonly designed as a small room.  Using mirror doors will make a small room look larger and will also reflect light which will make the room look brighter.  The styles that are offered are styles such as sliding doors, swinging doors and bifold doors.  They can be purchased as frameless or framed.  The prices will vary determined by which options are chosen.  The are still offered in a wood frame as well.  If you are handy the frames can even be purchased as unfinished wood and can be stained or painted to match the other decor in the room.

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Selecting the Most Fashionable Doors in Los Angeles

Whether your house is small or large everyone needs closets and some people consider this one of the most important features of a home. Most people do not want a closet door that is an eyesore in their beautiful rooms. This article helps to give ideas and useful tips to picking a fashionable closet door for the closets that keep all your belongings safely tucked away.

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How To Choose Replacement Doors For Energy Efficiency

Replacement doors can provide many benefits such as adding value to your home. They can also improve appearance and increase energy efficiency. There are home energy plans that help to reduce utility bills and add comfort to your home by controlling warm temperatures, cold temperatures as well as UV light penetration. If you are a consumer who is looking to purchase energy efficient doors what you need to look for is a label that says, Energy Protection Agency (EAP) ENERGY STAR. What this means is that the product you are looking at is in compliance with EPA standards for energy efficiency. These ENERGY STAR rated products can make you eligible for rebates and for the federal tax credit.

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A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Interior Doors

You want to choose a good door that not only opens and closes but adds style and compliments the room it is in. Internal doors are used to have privacy, reduce external noises and having easy access to closets and other storage places. Most people do not realize that a new door will change a room’s appearance completely. At the same time it will also improve the functionality of the room. Each room in the house provides a different function therefore each room will require a different type of door and a different style. This will need to be considered when shopping for a new door.

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Uses of Mirror Closet Doors

Interior decorators will often use mirror closet doors to make a bedroom look larger. These mirrored doors are available in many different styles and designs. These doors coming in several styles and designs. Examples of these are sliding doors, bifold doors and bypass doors. The leading manufacturer of the mirrors closet doors is Stanley. They are known nationwide for producing mirrored closet doors for a bedroom or bathroom closets. These doors can even be produced for an unframed look. This means that they have a very narrow frame and it is hidden when the doors are closed. People use mirrored doors and wall to make a small space look larger.

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Is it Time For Door Replacements?

A question that is often asked is when should I replace my doors? Before making the decision on what to buy and when you should be well advised of the different types of doors and any door problems. There are many things to look for before setting out to find the right door for your home.

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Benefits of Interior Door Replacements

You will find doors everywhere you go. You find doors even when you are not looking for them. They are at home, workplaces, restaurants and shopping malls. There are also many more places where doors can be found. Doors serve many purposes wherever they are located. They protect people from bad weather and also keep out intruders. For these reasons it is important that doors remain functional at all times. After many years of use doors will wear out just as other things do. Doors also tend to get broken. It does not matter what happens to the door but it does matter that the door needs to be replaced.

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Different Interior Door Styles

When researching and shopping for interior doors you will learn that there are many different door styles. This article will give you examples of many popular interior door styles.

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How To Measure Interior Door Replacements

When you are replacing your interior doors you need to know How to measure the door properly so that the new door will fit correctly. It may be necessary to replace a door if it is damaged or just out of style and does not match the current decor in the home. If you are looking to replace your existing door or replace an existing door below are some tips that can help in making the process easier.

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