How To Measure Interior Door Replacements

When you are replacing your interior doors you need to know How to measure the door properly so that the new door will fit correctly. It may be necessary to replace a door if it is damaged or just out of style and does not match the current decor in the home. If you are looking to replace your existing door or replace an existing door below are some tips that can help in making the process easier.

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Tips On How To Install Interior Doors

It is possible to transform your home in just a couple of days. When you decide that the doors you currently have are old and outdated it is time to get new doors installed. Removing the current doors is not an easy decision to come to and may seem to be unnecessary work but it is possible that only the doors need to be replaced and not the doors, the frames and the trim. It all of that is still in good shape it will save quite a bit of money.

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Cheap Closet Organizers

It is a wonderful thought to be rid of clutter and disorganization in your closet but what happens when you are on a tight budget? There are discount organizers that are available that will work perfectly in your closet and your budget.

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Types of Closet Doors

Closets are one of the most important traits when someone is looking to purchase a home. People want their closets to be large and organized. However, not much thought goes into the closet doors. When deciding on which one is best for your home it is important to research the different types and what will work for your home. Take into consideration the durability and convenience of the closets.

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How To Pick The Right Bedroom Door For You

Changing the doors in your home is one of the items that will have the largest impact on the appearance of your home. Many will start with changing the bedroom door. It is important to consider a variety of factors when selecting a new bedroom door. Appearance of the door you select should be top priority. You want the door to match the decor of the bedroom and room surrounding the bedroom as well as looking visually appealing. Other important considerations that should be made when purchasing are the price, installation difficulties and any special features.

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Tips In Selecting Your Bathroom Door

If you are improving your home by replacing doors you might be considering a new bathroom door also.  Choosing a bathroom door can offer up a few challenges.  It is common knowledge that a bathroom is the smallest room in the house.  Therefore, it is a challenge to choose the correct size and installation for your door.  Some might be concerned about the possibility of moisture and humidity changes from the bathroom that can damage some different types of doors.  Considering all of these challenges when selecting a door will help to find the door that best fits your needs.

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Interior Closet Doors Ideas

When it comes to selecting interior doors, and more specifically closet doors, you basically have two options: sliding or swing open. The decision on which to choose most typically comes down to space, and the look and feel that you are going for, as there are several different types of sliders or swing open doors you can choose from.

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Light Bulbs Etc is Finalist for ARTS Awards

Congratulations to Light Bulbs Etc on becoming a Finalist for the Dallas Market Center's 23rd Annual ARTS Awards. Our fellow Orange County small business in both Orange and Costa Mesa has a beautiful lighting showroom with lighting experts that are definitely worth speaking with.

Along with becoming a Finalist, they received great coverage on both MSNBC and in the Orange County Register.

light bulbs etc

Light Bulbs Etc opened their doors in 1986 and has everything you need from interior & outdoor lighting and lamps to chandeliers and ceiling fans. Plus, as mentioned above, beautiful lighting showrooms to display all of the possibilities for you home. So, next time we are helping you out with your interior doors or closet doors, check out Light Bulbs Etc for all of your lighting needs.

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